Target Marketing Guide

Target Marketing Guide


Learn to Effectively Research and Validate Your Target Market With This Marketing Guide

Regardless of the type of business you have, you need to clearly define your target market. The target marketing guide shows you how to use online and offline market research tools to define and validate your target market. You also get my list research of tools and a target market worksheet.

Important Tips You’ll Learn about target marketing:


  • Why Targeting Your Market Is Essential to Your Business
  • The Essentials of Market Research
  • The Top 5 Methods of Online Market Research
  • How to Use Online Surveys to Research Your Market
  • Learn about Your Market through Your Blog
  • How to Use Email to Better Understand Your Market
  • Fly on the Wall – Where to Go Online to Listen to Your Market
  • Offline Methods for Conducting Market Research
  • Your Perfect Customer – How to Create a Target Market Profile
  • Keeping Track of Your Changing Market


Resources and Tools:


  • Popular Tools for Conducting Market Research
  • Target Market Profile Worksheet
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