Jolynn Oblak

Skilled. Compassionate. Capable. Innovative

I have deep understanding of sales, marketing, business operations, project management and product development and possess a balance of strategic analytical acumen and technical expertise. My diverse experience has enabled me to drive growth and meet strategic objectives over 10 years across human services, managed care/ Insurance, consumer and FDA-regulated medical device industries.

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I enjoy helping clients or customers directly and helping teams keep organized and productiveI am analytical and enjoy gathering, organizing and synthesizing data to create compelling content, develop innovative products + improve business operations.A skilled communicator who naturally seek opportunities to close the knowledge gap and motivate people to meet a goal. A technology enthusiast who uses innovation and ingenuity to address complex business goals. I am perceptive of other’s moods and emotions, which is why I am great at listening to concerns and devising ways to resolve them
I launched my startup venture and Jolynn was an early adopter and brand advocate of the #smartlist technology, creating 11 curated content lists in 24 hours! Jolynn skillfully and quickly learned the web tool, took the time to share insights with me as to how to improve upon technical features and offered solid ideas on how to improve usability. Jolynn also launched a content marketing strategy that drove a significant # of signups to the website.
R. Martinez / Startup CEO & Founder /



Whether your company is a non-profit providing adoption services, a startup launching a new web application, or a healthcare system focused on improving patient outcomes, I can help you stand out [and meet] today’s business challenges.

Expansive Industry Experience
Diverse Skillset
= Deliver Tangible Result in Agile and Complex Environments

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