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I help you say something that matters


I created my business around helping you develop authentic + impactful marketing messages and strategies…here in my online home, you’ll get my trademark truth bombs, tips, business insights and resources to evolve your business to your highest vision


Jolynn Oblak


Do you feel like this when you think about how to use marketing to promote your business? 

Blind young businesswoman making plans

Well, you are in the right place, I help mission- driven, service based small businesses connect with their audience and increase their profits with strategic + effective inbound marketing



  • You didn't feel frantic about planning your next campaign or launch? 

  • You didn't have to spend hours upon hours combing Facebook or YouTube trying to piece together a last minute strategy based on the newest, super wonderful, amaze-balls (yes-I said that) online marketing tool

  • No more dwindling profit and feelings of dread when you look at your bank account

  • You had zero fear about putting your voice and message out there to the masses + not seeing results


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  • Show you all the hidden potential and opportunities that you can tap into for your business marketing?

  • Show you have to build and leverage targeted content to promote your business?  

  • Show you the right online marketing tools to build your following?

  • Give you thorough and straight forward marketing guides that show you, step-by-step how to solve a specific marketing problem?

  • Simplify all the techy stuff that goes hand in hand with online marketing?


Well, then you are in the right place....


  • You could ignore all those internet marketing GURU’s and their nonsense advice?

  • You had the right targeted marketing messages and inbound marketing strategies to drive your campaigns and promotions and 100% confidence in it?

  • You stopped wasting money on the latest new shiny online marketing tool (and the overwhelming feelings that come with it) and instead, you invested your money into the right strategy?

Your target audience is overwhelmed with a barrage of marketing messages. It’s no surprise that they just tune things out. That’s why you have to develop a marketing strategy that truly resonates +captivates.

 I help you develop the right message and deliver it using the right strategy +digital media because I don’t want your business to get lost in the shuffle…what you do is too important!


Let's take the next step together + makeover your marketing -->and leave all the overwhelm feelings behind!

About Jolynn

Why I am here you wonder?
Jolynn Oblak Marketing Strategist

I work with you, the uber passionate, mission-driven small business because I know you struggle with developing effective marketing strategies for your services. I give you personalized, results-driven solutions to turn your marketing from a stressful, anxiety-inducing burden to an easy to implement turn-key solution that transforms your business (and resolves your marketing overwhelm once and for all).

  • Digital Counselor and Tech Geek 100%
  • Marketing Strategist and “Solutionista” 99%
  • Human Behaviorist 99%

Insights and Tips

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